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Madam Lee 94 – A Great Lady
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We met Madam Lee when she was 94, a typical first generation Singaporean, resilient and hardworking. She was way passed retirement age, yet refused public assistance, insisted to work as a cleaner to bring up her mentally retarded son (adopted).
Unfortunately when she turned 84, she fell and broke her left hip. Still urging her boss to let her work, she put on her uniform with dignity... But no one can defy the law of nature, she fell again, this time breaking her right hip which landed her on the wheelchair.
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When we met her, she was still in her worn-out cleaning company outfit, proudly talking about her cleaning job. 
We could see bags and bags of her medicines at home, but nothing mentioned about her sickness; like many mothers, she was only worry about her retarded son, now in his 60s.
Like madam Lee, many people contributed to Singapore in a less glamorous way, they are not well educated but possessed all the good virtues; they are poor but full of dignity.
Unfortunately, their small saving, if any, can never fight the inflation and medical cost, let alone to look after a retarded son.
年轻时漂洋过海到新加坡, 一生劳劳碌碌, 汇钱回乡照顾父老乡亲; 过了退休年龄还自食其力. 每个繁荣昌盛的国家里, 都有一群无名战士; 他们默默耕耘, 就像其他的开国功臣一样为新加坡做出贡献. 虽然识字不多, 林老太太这种舍己为人, 不屈不挠的精神真的值得我们敬佩.
人在风烛残年的时候, 最凄凉的就是又老又病. 但是林老太太还有一个低智商的干儿子需要照顾, 虽然不是亲生儿子, 但她还处处为他着想, 充分表现了他伟大的母爱.
Margaret Ng - cerebral palsy and autism
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We first met Margaret Ng in 2012, she was born with cerebral palsy and autism. She suffered a seizure when she was 2 year old and eventually lost the ability to walk. She is now fed through her nose and confined to her bed. She interacts with the world through her television. Our time with Margaret was a rare occasion she has visitors and her smiles and giggles filled the room and our hearts with warmth and joy.
“I worry about Margaret a lot. Every night, I will wake up several times to check on her, to make sure that her feeding tube is intact and she is sleeping well. I still care for her like a baby (now 39 with an IQ of 6)”, shared Margaret’s 75 year-old diabetic mother.
To make ends meet, Margaret’s mother washes dishes part-time at a coffee shop. A simple meal for two at $8 is a luxury for the family and often times they would share a packet of food to settle a meal.
Unlike most parents, Margaret’s parents’ wished that she would leave before them. They fear that no one will care and love her the way they do, when they are no longer around.
人生最凄凉的就是白发人送黑发人, 但为什么会有父母希望儿女比自己先走 ?
黄丽萍在两岁时惊风而导致脑瘫, 卧床不能自理, 又患有自闭症, 智力停留在六岁左右. 母亲刘秀萍患有糖尿病而父亲也有胃病. 两个父母都不舍得花钱在自己, 而把全部精神都放在女儿身上 . 但是随着年龄的增长, 39岁的丽萍已经比母亲重了许多, 日常起居, 对年老的母亲来说更是百上加斤, 无论财力体力都不胜负荷.
妈妈说: 我们都希望他健康无事但是又担心我们一走,就没有人像我们一样疼爱她. 有时我们宁愿他先走.
可怜天下父母心 !

Mr Neo 52 Year Old - A Weird Paraplegic Dwarf
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Senior Staff Nurse Susan said that he had a weird character and despite several warning to be confined to bed, he likes to go downstairs on his wheelchair and see people...
I can imagine if I were him, how I would have suffered in school, being teased by many other school mates (statement by my daughter).
Mr Neo is a dwarf and a paraplegic, meaning he suffers from complete paralysis of the lower half of the body including both legs. With no circus in Singapore, a dwarflike Mr Neo will not be able to find a job. Let alone to have a complete family. Mr. Neo receives care for his wound at his back (base of his spine), as he frequently has to transfer himself from his bed to wheelchair and back, the abrasion from this movements does not help in his wound-healing.
He has no friends because most people he met made jokes out of him, his "weird" character is a metaphor of his inferiority complex. He enjoys seeing people because he is envious of what others can do.
"We Cannot Grant Everyone Their Wish, But We Can Try Our Best…"
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Many patients have not visited an airplane let alone travel by air, not surprisingly when they knew that we were pilots, they wanted us to bring them “sit airplane”. They wanted to feel “rich for 1 day” even if it is just to go through the motion and sit for a while.

We tried, but the custom and security procedure was so complicated. In one of the year while distributing goodie bags, we gave them a “GET WELL SOON” airplane models.