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Mission Statement
The aim of the Pilots’ Advisory Group (PAG) is to offer a listening ear, counsel, advice, and if necessary, to refer the enquiring pilot to specialist assistance in connection with any personal, domestic, medical or professional matter which the enquirer may need assistance. 

The PAG program is available to all pilots and not restricted to members of ALPA-S.
The PAG functions as an independent body within ALPA-S. All Counselors shall be members of ALPA-S. 

The PAG will comprise of: 
a) Chairman 
b) Vice Chairman 
c) Secretary 
d) Assistant Secretary 
e) IT Secretary 
f) Publicity Secretary 
g) Counselors 

The Chairman will be elected by PAG members, and endorsed by the ALPA-S Executive Council (EXCO). He/She does not need to be a member of the ALPA-S EXCO.

Fellow PAG members will elect all other positions at the annual meeting. 
Counselors shall be volunteers who have completed an appropriate Para-counseling course. Potential counselors shall be selected by the PAG members, and they are to be made aware of the commitment expected of them.
Roles and Responsibilities
PAG Chairman
  1. The Chairman shall be a member of ALPA-S
  2. He shall be elected by PAG members, and endorsed by the ALPA-S EXCO
  3. He shall be the liaison between the PAG, the ALPA-S EXCO, and Flight Operations Management
  4. He will, in collaboration with the ALPA-S EXCO, be responsible for the recruitment of Counselors
  5. He will establish and maintain affiliation with professional counseling centers and others related to the field of counseling.
  6. He will also ensure arrangements are made for all PAG members to attend a recognized course in Para-counseling. 
  1. Counselors shall observe the Protocols and Terms of Reference as promulgated for the PAG.  
  2. They shall help clients resolve their difficulties with compassion and understanding. 
  3. They shall, from time and again or as the need arises, attend appropriate skills enhancement courses. 
PAG Hotline : 9-CALL-PAG / 9-2255-724
PAG Email :